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Port Forwarding Support Launched

Port Forwarding Support Launched

We have launched port forwarding, free of charge with every IPv6rs IP address.

Why Port Forwarding?

With port forwarding, users who are unable to bind to ports below 1024 (e.g., non root devices like Android) are able to forward these ports to unprivileged ports above 1024. For example, you can now run a web server (port 80/443) on your Android device with Termux by port forwarding port 80 -> 8080 and 443 -> 8043.

We were surprised at the number of requests we received asking for this feature, so we thought - of course we could deliver this.

With this, every Android device is now capable of being a full fledged server, and peer, on the internet.

Login to your panel today and add some port forwards, today!!