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Cloud Seeder: Block the Man-Made All Seeing Eye

We would like to introduce the latest tool in your arsenal against centralization and subjugation - Cloud Seeder.

Back story

Everyone seemed like they were talking about self hosting, but we didn't understand why it wasn't more prolific. Thus, we conducted a survey to hear reasons. It turned out the two most common reasons were:

  1. Lack of an external IP address
  2. Too difficult to setup and maintain

Our service already solves the first issue. We set out with a self-hostathon to figure out what the blockers were in setting up and running a self-hosted server.

As it turned out, it was simply difficult with reason - not every system is setup the same.

Our Solution

We needed to make things easier, so we created Cloud Seeder, a one click installer that instantly launches a fully encapsulated server appliance that is externally reachable.

At the time of launching, the current version of Cloud Seeder supports 20+ different appliances - from Mastodon which federates with Meta's Threads to Nextcloud which provides an enterprise-level, self-hosted alternative to the big-name collaboration suites.

It also automatically handles updates/maintenance.

We hope this will bring a new era to self hosting and, in turn, will bring the decentralized internet forest back.

Why Self Host with Cloud Seeder and IPv6rs?

  1. It's easier than signing up for a third party host
  2. You have complete control of your data. That means you don't need to "trust" a third party entity (and all of the employees in said company who you probably don't know nor do they you).
  3. It's significantly cheaper than using a third party host.
  4. It's a position to take in life - do you believe in a world where control of oneself rests in the hands of self or in the hands of someone else?

Signup for IPv6rs today and download Cloud Seeder to start self hosting, with just a click. You can also learn more about Cloud Seeder and its technical details on Github as it is completely open source.