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Back to the Future: Open Sourcing Delorean, our Reverse Proxy

Your Packets Deserve Full Transparency

As a company dedicated to giving our peers sovereignty over their data, it wouldn't make sense if we did not also provide transparency of your transport.

We're proud to announce that we have open sourced our TLS SNI and HTTP reverse proxy, Delorean. While Delorean is a highly opinionated reverse proxy (only proxies from IPv4 to IPv6 endpoints, who would have thought?), it is also simple and highly performant.

Delorean benefits from GoLang's concurrency and safe multithreading while relying on an LRU caching mechanism to remove any DNS latencies after the initial lookup.

This is how we're able to proxy packets so quickly.

Full Round Trip - IPv6

As always, the full round trip for IPv6 is point to point. That means your website visitor connects to your WireGuard network interface directly, and then to your webserver/appliance

Full Round Trip - IPv4

In the legacy internet, your website visitor's packets move from their machine to the Delorean reverse proxy running at the datacenter, to your WireGuard network interface, and then to your webserver/appliance.

Control of your data and transparency of your connection is a default with us at IPv6rs. Sign up today and be a peer on the internet, not a pawn.